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Tape Slitting

Our slitting capabilities allow wide tape rolls, also known as logs or master rolls, to be cut down to customized widths to meet exact specifications.

At TapeCase, we can slit master log rolls up to 63 inches wide, and cut them down to 1/10 an inch. We also have equipment to slit rolls on 1-inch, 1.5-inch or 3-inch cores with a tolerance of +/- 1/32'' or tighter. This allows us to provide increased flexibility and efficiency for our customers. 

For a tighter tolerance, we also offer Rewind/Slitting Services

Lathe Slitting

Lathe slitting, or Baloney slitting, is the process of placing a master roll on a horizontally mounted spinning mandrel, while a circular blade comes down to slit the material to specific widths. Lathe slitting offers the flexibility to slit a variety of widths from the master roll. The machine slits the master roll to create dozens of smaller rolls like cutting a loaf of bread, one slice at a time.

Materials We Work With

Our slitting techniques set us apart in the industry, allowing us to cut up to 63-inch wide master tape roll down to precisely 1/10 of an inch. Our unique capabilities also allow us to slit a wide range of materials, including:

•    Transfer tapes
•    Polyimide
•    Papers
•    Foams
•    Tissues
•    Films
•    Foils

•    Textiles
•    PVC
•    UPVC
•    PTFE
•    Polypropylene
•    Specialty materials

Tape Slitting for any Industry

Tape slitting services are utilized in many applications across many industries like:

•    Electronics             
•    Automotive    
•    Medical
•    Printing
•    HVAC
•    Packaging
•    Metal and Woodworking
•    Specialty Industries

TapeCase's tape slitting capabilities offer nearly endless possibilities. With fast turnaround time, high-quality rolls, enhanced quality control systems and optimal product utilization to maximize input yields, we drive innovation and productivity for our customers.

Tape Converting to Your Specification

Interested in finding out what TapeCase can do for you? Contact us today to learn more about our tape converting and customization capabilities.