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Tape Rewinding & Slitting

TapeCase specializes in tape rewinding and slitting to produce adhesive tape in nearly any width and length. We can convert master log rolls into smaller sizes to best suit your usage needs, or to create finished tape products in formats your customers will love. Regardless of your material requirements, our precise and accurate tape converting services allow you to get the tape you need for your unique application. With all our services, we offer low minimum order quantities (MOQs), fast delivery and outstanding service.

Our Rewinding and Logging Services

Our rewinding and logging services allow us to transform long length rolls into customized shorter length rolls. We purchase jumbo rolls from tape manufacturers, which are often about 60 inches wide by 3000 yards long and weighs more than 1000 pounds. Our high-speed, state-of-the-art machines can take these jumbo rolls and rewind them to any length based on your requirements. We are able to rewind them onto 1-inch, 1 1/2-inch or 3-inch cores. Most often our rewinding services is combined with our slitting services to produce the exact width and length of the product for your application.

Rewind/Slitting Methods

We use two methods for tape rewind/slitting: razor and crush. The ideal method for converting material depends entirely on the material being slit.

Razor cut slitting: Uses single stationary blades spaced out at width intervals across the machine. The material is pulled through the stationary blades to make precise slits to match the required width. Razor cut slitting is commonly used on materials of consistent thickness.

Crush cut slitting: Uses multiple knives to make a precise slit by “crushing” the material from both the top and bottom. This technique is best for materials that have varying levels of thickness.

Custom Length Rolls

A custom-length roll of tape is ideal when you need to give each member of your team a roll to get their job done. For example, a 1'' x 36 yards of very strong double-sided tape could cost you $100 per roll, but most of the time each person will only need about 5 yards of material. Having TapeCase rewind the material to a custom length roll saves your company money by handing out $15-roll of tapes instead of $100-roll of tapes.


TapeCase can convert a wide range of materials to your desired size, including:


•    Transfer tapes
•    Polyimide
•    Foam
•    Film
•    Paper
•    Tissue
•    UPVC
•    Polypropylene
•    PTFE
•    Textiles
•    Polyester
•    Foil
•    Specialty Materials


Tape Converting to Your Specification

Interested in finding out what TapeCase can do for you? Contact us today to learn more about our tape converting and customization capabilities. TapeCase's tape slitting capabilities offer nearly endless possibilities. With fast turnaround time, high-quality rolls, enhanced quality control systems and optimal product utilization to maximize input yields, we drive innovation and productivity for our customers.