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LaminatingTapeCase has multiple laminators to perform laminating services for a variety of substrates. We can laminate any material up to 63 inches in width. With our laminating services, we can marry any two materials together, joining the adhesive to the liner effectively and economically. For materials less than 63 inches in width, we have multiple rotary presses capable of cost-effectively laminating these smaller substrates.

Our laminating services are ideal for many substrates including foams, metal foils, polyesters, papers, transfer tapes, VHB and double coated tapes, among others. TapeCase laminating services can be used to prepare materials for a die-cut into a certain shape, such as a label. We have the capability to laminate materials of varying thicknesses, and consistency in ensured regardless of the material used. With the incorporation of heat into the laminating process, a reliable bond is created between the two materials.

With seemingly endless applications, the industries benefiting from laminating services include:

  • Printing
  • Packaging
  • Medical
  • Electronics
  • Transportation
  • Specialty industries

The advantage of TapeCase laminating services is that they can be combined with our other custom services, such as die-cut capabilities. This ability is what makes TapeCase your one-source solution for adhesive application. Contact TapeCase today to discover what our laminating services and other custom services can do for you.

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