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Island Placement

Island PlacementTapeCase uses highly-advanced technology for island placement for a variety of applications. Island placement involves the process of taking a substrate and placing it onto a desired location within a field of adhesive. A good example of this is an adhesive bandage, such as a band-aid. The island placement services provided by TapeCase are precise and exact, ensuring the accurate placement of the substrate within the adhesive field.

Island placement is achieved through a high-tech, state-of-the-art piece of equipment. This innovative machinery is capable of accommodating this type of product and producing the desired result. There are many benefits to island placement services from TapeCase.

The outstanding benefits include:

  • Substantial reduction of material loss
  • Yields maximum benefit of material
  • Reduces overall waste
  • Capacity to create complex medical parts

Island placement services are applicable across many industries, though are most commonly used by the medical industry. The medical industry requires exactness with complex medical parts, as well as with everyday adhesive bandages. Medical applications benefit greatly from the errorless process of island placement, which ensures accuracy across many uses. Island placement is not only precise, but cost-effective as well.

TapeCase is a one-source solution for island placement. Contact TapeCase today to discover how our state-of-the-art island placement equipment can best serve your product applications.

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