TC485-32MIL Rubber Resin Tape

TC485-32MIL Rubber Resin Tape

  • 32 mil; rubber resin based hot melt adhesive on a liner
  • Clean, easy to use alternative to brush on adhesives
  • Very aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive
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Description and Features

Product Description Also referred to as Toffee Tape, thick, double sided rubber resin tape is designed for bonding, joining, and light weight mounting applications. Clean, easy to use alternative to brush on adhesives. Double sided rubber resin tape is best used for joining hard to stick plastic sheeting, such as industrial filter membrane sheeting to separate containments and damp proof membrane sheeting under a concrete slab. Aggressive quick stick adhesive with excellent bond strength; use in the construction industry as well as MRO applications to secure flooring materials such as carpeting, tile and threshold strips, bond lightweight wall insulation panels, and mount kick plates to doors. Works well in the furniture industry to permanently bond trims and fabrics. Ideal for use in sign and display manufacturing, toffee colored adhesive tape offers a high bond with a more economical price than fully transparent glass glue tape. Use to bond plastics sheeting and edging for sign and display construction and repair. Forms a strong waterproof bond, use for such applications as joining multiple tarps in industrial applications. Thick, permanently flexible tape is ideal for attaching to irregular or textured surfaces, us in manufacturing facilities and warehouses to mount posters, safety signs, notices, and other lightweight items to rough surface walls.
Applications Bonding lightweight insulation panels, kickplates, etc
Mounting lightweight trim
Bonding of insulation to walls
Fixing of edgings, sheeting, signs and tiles
Fixing carpets, decorative edging and board and trims
Fixing roof bars on commercial vehicles
Joining of plastic sheeting, filter membranes, damp proof membranes, etc
Feature 1 32 mil; rubber resin based hot melt adhesive on a liner
Feature 2 Clean, easy to use alternative to brush on adhesives
Feature 3 Very aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive
Feature 4 Non‐hardening and permanently flexible, requires no cure time
Feature 5 Forms a strong waterproof bond
Feature 6 Sticks to almost anything, even when in wet or low-temperature conditions
Feature 7 Solvent free, no fumes
Feature 8 Versatile “instant stick” adhesive on a roll
Feature 9 Easy-to-peel oversized liner
Feature 10 Should NOT be used where good chemical or UV resistance is required


Color Translucent
Total Thickness 32 mils
Material/Backing Rubber resin
Backing Thickness N/A
Adhesive Type Rubber resin pressure sensitive
Adhesive Thickness N/A
Liner N/A
Adhesive Strength 700 oz/in
Temperature Performance N/A
High Initial Adhesion Yes
Repositionable N/A
UNSPSC 31201505
Country of Origin United Kingdom
Origin Criterion N/A
Certification Indicator N/A
Qualification Method N/A
Cage Code 4AJG6
ECCN Number EAR99



Storage Condition Humidity Controlled Storage (16C/60F TO 27C/80F & 40-60%RH)
Shelf Life 12 months
Return Policy 25% restocking fee
RoHS Status ROHS Not Compliant
REACH Status REACH Compliant
Prop 65 Compliance n/a
CMRT CMRT Compliant
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