SOM Silicone Sink-O-Mask Plugs

SOM Silicone Sink-O-Mask Plugs

  • High temperature resistant silicone
  • Maximum operating temperature 600°F (315°C)
  • Designed to mask through holes and the surrounding washer area
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  • Discontinued

Product Description Withstands up to 600F. Mask through holes while creating grouding area. Ideal for powder coating, e-coating, anodizing, and plating.
Applications Recommended for powder coating, e-coating, plating and anodizing masking applications
Used to plug non-threaded and threaded through holes
Can be inverted to mask chamfered holes

Feature 1 High temperature resistant silicone
Feature 2 Maximum operating temperature 600°F (315°C)
Feature 3 Designed to mask through holes and the surrounding washer area
Feature 4 Tapered design of the flange resists lifting at the edges for a clean finish
Feature 5 Features a pull tab for easy removal after coating
Feature 6 Durable and reusable, will not melt or harden
Feature 7 Flange eliminates the need for two-stage masking

Color Clear
Liner None
Tensile Strength >= 6 Mpa
Temperature Performance up to 500 °F
UNSPSC 31211918
Country of Origin China
Origin Criterion N/A
Certification Indicator N/A
Qualification Method N/A
Cage Code 4AJG6
ECCN Number EAR99

Storage Condition Humidity Controlled Storage (16C/60F TO 27C/80F & 40-60%RH)
Shelf Life N/A
Return Policy 25% restocking fee
RoHS Status N/A
REACH Status n/a
Prop 65 Compliance n/a
CMRT n/a
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