3M 5590H-05 Light Grey / White Thermally Conductive Acrylic Tape

3M 5590H-05 Light Grey / White Thermally Conductive Acrylic Tape

Description and Features

Product Description 3M™ Thermally Conductive Acrylic Interface Pad 5590H is a soft acrylic based pad designed to provide a preferential heat transfer path away from heat generating components. Because of its softness, 3M Interface Pad 5590H can decrease the load to integrated circuit chips during compression, and provides good tack to many surfaces. These properties lead to a high performance non-silicone based thermal pad. 3M Interface Pad 5590H is a higher thermal conductivity and somewhat firmer acrylic thermal pad, versus 3M Interface Pad 5589H.
Applications Heat transfer between PCB and heat sink Decrease of compression stress to electronic parts by thermal pad softness Gap filling in electronic devices Chip on film (COF) heat dissipation Power electronic component thermal management Examples: LED displays Electric vehicle (EV) batteries Wireless charging units Satellite navigation Sensors Process control equipment Test & measurement devices
Feature 1 Non-silicone acrylic elastomer
Feature 2 Good softness and conformability to non-flat surfaces
Feature 3 Excellent compressive stress relaxation
Feature 4 Good dielectric performance
Feature 5 UL 94 Flammability Rating V-0
Feature 6 Good surface tack leads to low thermal resistance at surface
Feature 7 Excellent durability for long term thermal conductivity and electric insulation stability
Feature 8 Slight tack allows pre-assembly
Feature 9 Has both a very low tack surface and a medium tack surface
Feature 10 Pre-cut shapes save time, money and reduce waste


Total Thickness 20 mils
Material/Backing Filled Acrylic Polymer
Backing Thickness 0.5mm
Flame Retardant Yes
High Initial Adhesion N/A
Low Static N/A
Electrically Conductive N/A
Thermally Conductive Yes
UL Printed UL94 V-0 listed
Standards / Specifications UL94 V-0
Country of Origin N/A
Origin Criterion N/A
Certification Indicator N/A
Qualification Method N/A
Cage Code N/A
ECCN Number N/A


Storage Condition Humidity Controlled Storage (16C/60F TO 27C/80F & 40-60%RH)
Shelf Life N/A
Return Policy 25% restocking fee
RoHS Status RoHS3 Compliant
REACH Status REACH Compliant
Prop 65 Compliance Prop 65 Compliant
CMRT CMRT Compliant
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