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Powder Coating Masking

TapeCase can help make the powder coating process easier with heat resistant masking tapes which can be die cut for your application, high-temperature VHB Tapes to bond parts together during the curing process, and silicone caps & plugs to keep powder coat out of places you don’t want it.

Polyester Tape

Used for masking operations
during powder coating. Works in
demanding conditions and high
temperatures ranging from
-60ºF to 400ºF. Polyester film
backing is tear resistant and the
silicone adhesive removes
cleanly and in one-piece from
most surfaces.

Silicone Caps & Plug

Heat resistant up to 600ºF for
20 minutes and will not crack,
shrink, harden, or break under
normal conditions. Great for
keeping powder coat, paint, and
liquids out of places you don’t
want them. These caps and
plugs can be left in the part
during oven curing.

High Temperature VHB Tape

3M™ VHB™ Tape GPH Series is a
permanent bonding solution for
use in high temperature
applications. Good adhesion to
high and medium surface energy
materials (metals, glass,
plastics) as well as coated or
painted surfaces. Heat
resistance up to 450ºF short
term, and 300ºF long term.

Polyimide Tape

Used in very high temperature
masking applications, with
heat resistance up to 500ºF.
Excellent thermal, chemical,
and abrasion resistance. Its
light amber color ensures easy
identification and alignment.
The high tensile strength
allows it to break through
cured paint without tearing.

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