3M TK2323 Premium MRO Tape Kit

  • Obsolete Item

This MRO Tape Kit Premium Edition includes VHB™ Tapes, Dual Lock™, Traction tape, Aluminum foil tapes, Safety-walk™, Quick grab tape, PTFE, UHMW, and more

Tapes and adhesives for Maintenance, Repair and Operations

Slot #ItemSize/DescriptionColorQuantity
13M 3431 Engineer Grade Prismatic Reflective Sheeting (Yellow)1" x 5"YellowPack of 5
23M 4910 VHB™ Tape3/4" x 5"ClearPack of 4
33M 4959 VHB™ Tape1" x 4.5"WhitePack of 4
43M 9629PC Double Coated Tape 1" x 6"ClearPack of 10
53M 4658F Polyethylene Foam Tapes1" x 6"ClearPack of 4
63M 5952 VHB™ Tape1" x 6" Grey1 Roll
73M SJ3530 and SJ3531 Hook and Loop1" x 6" (1 pc Hook and 1 pc Loop)BlackPack of 2
8 6900 Glow Tape1" x 6"Glow greenPack of 5
93M 4032 Urethane Foam Tapes1" squares (10 per Sheet)WhitePack of 4
10 CMT02 Cord Management Tape1" x 5" (2 per sheet)Pack of 10
113M 4032 Urethane Foam Tapes3/4" circles (6 per sheet)WhitePack of 4
123M 4408 Vinyl Foam Tape1" x 4.75"BlackPack of 4
133M 5461 Anti-Slip/Anti-Stick Tape2" x 12"WhitePack of 5
143M 5491 PTFE Tapes (Polytetraflorethylene)2" x 12"GrayPack of 5
153M 361 Glass Cloth Tape 2" x 12"WhitePack of 5
163M 5151 PTFE Tapes (Polytetraflorethylene)2" x 12"Light BrownPack of 5
173M 8992 Release Surface and Liner Splicing Tapes2" x 12"GreenPack of 10
183M 610 Scotch® Premium Cellophane Tape2" x 12"BlackPack of 5
193M SJ3000 Hook and Loop with No Adhesive1/2" x 3ydsBlack1 Roll
203M 2552 Sound Damping Foil Tapes1" x 2"SilverPack of 10
213M 35 Scotch Vinyl Electrical Tape1/2" x 20ftYellow1 Roll
223M 4941 VHB™ Tape3/4" circles (4 per sheet)GreyPack of 5
233M 4941 VHB™ Tape1/2" x 6"GreyPack of 4
243M SJ3550 Dual Lock™ Reclosable Fastener 2501" x 2"BlackPack of 6
253M SJ4570 Dual Lock™ Reclosable Fastener Low Profile/Thin1" x 2"ClearPack of 12
263M 425 Premium Performance Aluminum Foil Tapes2" x 5ydsSilver1 Roll
273M 5401 Traction Tape1" x 5ftTan1 Roll
283M 17002-VP-6PK Command™ Small Utility Hook Value Pack 2 Hooks - 4 StripsWhite1 Set
293M 5423 UHMW-PE Tapes (Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene)1.5" x 3.9"TranslucentPack of 5
303M SJ3560 Dual Lock™ Reclosable Fastener 2502" squaresClearPack of 4
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