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Multiple Core Sizes

TapeCase can convert pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes on a variety of tape cores, offering the sizes and materials you need for your unique application. We can lathe slit and rewind tape onto 1-inch, 1.5-inch and 3-inch cores. This helps ensure the finished tape you receive is perfectly catered to your needs. We are committed to offering our customers low minimum order quantities (MOQs) and delivering tape products quickly and reliably.

The type of core required is dependent on your application. For example, many consumer products like masking tape and duct tape use 3-inch paper cores, while some manufacturers prefer 1-inch cores because workers can easily fit rolls of tape on their fingers for quick access. In the maintenance repair operations (MRO) space, short-length roll of tapes on 1.5-inch cores are an ideal way to give each technician enough material to get the job done.

The material used to create the tape core is important for making sure the roll doesn’t collapse under the weight of the tape material. That’s why we offer both paper and plastic cores in various wall thicknesses. Regardless of your application, TapeCase can convert nearly any adhesive tape product and pair it with the tape core best suited for your needs.


Need a printed core to showcase your brand?

We make our own cardboard cores, which allows us to help you create your own private label. This gives you more flexibility in what you want for your end product. We will print your logo or any image or message onto the inside of the paper tape core per your requirement. Contact us today and let us create the custom solution you need for your unique application.