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Laser Cutting

Many materials, including adhesive tapes, labels, films, and laminates can be laser cut to guarantee exact measurements and quick turnaround times. Our machines can make complex laser cuts and shapes, including small, intricate geometries. This allows us to produce custom parts with very tight dimensional tolerances at low minimum order quantities. Our laser cutting services result in precision custom designs and do not require tooling purchases.

How the Laser Cutting Process Works

The process involves uploading a design into a computer program that will be cut out by a laser light beam which has a strength of 1,000 to 2,000 watts.  The laser penetrates the desired material to create the desired shape. The laser beam’s power provides a clean cut, and the lack of tooling and mechanical friction limits the risk of damage to material being cut. Laser cutting allows TapeCase to create customized solutions to meet each customer’s preferred specifications using a wide range of materials for numerous applications.

Laser Across Multiple Industries

Laser cut parts are applicable across a broad range of industries, including:    

•   Electronics manufacturing
•   Transportation/automotive
•   Medical device manufacturing 
•   Printing
•   Packaging

Benefits of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is generally used when manufacturers need to complete a job quickly while ensuring the most precise cut possible. Some benefits of laser cutting include:

•    Faster process than most other cutting methods
•    Easy to make intricate cuts in the same material thickness without switching tools
•    Easy to repeat cuts for consistency in finished products
•    Highly automated machinery cuts labor costs and increases efficiency
•    Flexibility in materials and profiles

When choosing a tape converter, you want a partner that’s knowledgeable, reliable, and customer-oriented. TapeCase has the equipment and expertise to meet your project specifications with speed and efficiency.

Tape Converting to Your Specification

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