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We define laminating as marrying two or more materials, often an adhesive tape and flexible material or a release liner to a tape to protect an adhesive layer. TapeCase’s laminating services allow you to pair the adhesive of your choice with the flexible material your application requires to create a unique solution that is both effective and economical.

Whether you need to add a liner to a substrate before die cutting, or you are looking to create a unique adhesive solution, our laminating services can help you achieve your project goals. We keep a wide range of tapes and adhesives in stock and can deliver these custom solutions quickly. We also offer low minimum order quantities to make sure you are only paying for the products you need.

Our Tape Laminating Services

Our laminating services allow you to add liners, join double coated tapes to a carriers like foam, or create a combination of different substrate materials into new product constructions in wide web formats up to 63" wide. We also have multiple rotary presses capable of cost-effectively laminating smaller width materials, so you don’t have to buy an entire jumbo roll 63” wide. You can get products that match your exact specifications and your budget.

Our industry-leading equipment allows us to laminate up to six materials together for a single finished product. Our laminating services can also be used to prepare materials to be die-cut into a certain shape. Adding heat during the laminating process can create a strong and reliable bond that meets the needs of your application.

Our laminating services are perfect for many substrates, including:

•    Foams
•    Metal foils
•    Polyesters
•    Papers
•    Transfer tapes
•    VHB
•    Double-coated tapes
•    Many more!


Tape Converting to Your Specification

Looking for adhesive tape lamination for your next project? Contact us today and see why our tape converting services are perfectly suited to help you meet your objectives on time and on budget.