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Island Placement

TapeCase is your one-stop solution for island placement for a variety of applications and adhesive materials. With island placement, you can combine substrates and place a single material within a field of adhesive, similar to a common band-aid. We then die cut the shape to your exact specifications to create unique products that fit your desired application. This process helps cut down on materials waste to help you save money while streamlining the product development process.

Our island placement services are precise and exact, using high-tech, state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the accurate placement of substrates within the adhesive field. We can also help you choose the perfect materials for your application during the design and development process. Offering low minimum order quantities and fast turnaround times, TapeCase is the perfect choice for your island placement needs.

Using Island Placement to Create a Band-Aid

To create a band-aid, the gauze material is placed on an “island” surrounded by the stick-to-skin adhesive material. The entire product can then be die cut to your desired shape to fit any application. Because it helps cut down on wasted material, island placement is not only precise, but cost-effective as well.

Benefits of Island Placement

•    Substantial reduction of material loss
•    Yields maximum benefit of material
•    Reduces overall waste
•    Capacity to create complex parts


Island Placement for Medical Tape Products

Our island placement services can provide the efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings you need in your next project. Island placement services are available for any industry and work for a wide range of applications. However, this process is most commonly used by the medical industry. Medical device manufacturers require accuracy and precision when developing complex medical parts, as well as with everyday adhesive bandages. Medical applications benefit greatly from the errorless process of island placement, which ensures accurate placement and die cuts throughout your entire production run.

Tape Converting to Your Specification

Looking for island placement services? Connect with us today and see how our full range of tape converting services can help you achieve greater efficiency in your manufacturing operation.