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Tapes To Increase Safety

All facilities can be safer if hazards, work areas, and designated walkways are properly identified. TapeCase carries a range of marking tapes that identify and add visibility to a variety of surfaces.

  Vinyl Floor Marking Tapes
Can be applied to flooring to identify work areas, forklift lanes, and foot traffic walkways. Available in stripes: black/yellow, white/black, and red/white. Solid Colors: yellow, white, red, black, blue, green, orange.
  Glow in the Dark Tapes
Commonly found in stairwells and walkways to guide people to safety in the event of a power outage. As well as identifying electrical boxes, fire extinguishers, first aid stations, and exits.


  Reflective Tapes
Add visibility to dock areas, racking, and structural beams. It can also be used on carts, forklifts, and safety equipment to help them stand out in a busy facility. Available in yellow, white, red, green and blue.
  Conspicuity Tapes
Commonly used on vehicles such as tractors, trailers, forklifts, golf carts, and agriculture equipment. They traditionally feature a reflective pattern of alternating red and white sections, but are also available in solid red, white, yellow, and a handful of neon colors too.

Anti Slip Tapes

Can be applied to flooring, ladders and forklifts to create traction and reduce slips, falls, and trips. They feature adhesive backings that make them easy to install for instant safety enchancement. Available in stripes: black/yellow and solid colors: black, yellow, and clear.


Grip Tape 

Can be applied to hand tools to decrease a worker's risk of dropping their tools and injuring themselves or other workers. Adding grip tape to railings increases their effectiveness. Shelving can also be lined with grip tape to prevent products from sliding and falling.


Shatter Resistant Tapes

Adheres to the back of mirrors and glass to prevent injury from glass particles and shards if they are broken. The acrylic adhesive backing has excellent adhesion to mirror backing paints and features a woven backing that offers stability.