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We take packaging tapes to the next level of usage by using our converting capabilities to transform them into non-traditional formats. Our solutions increase your efficiencies, communicate messages about your packaged product and protect your product in transit. We work with you to identify ways to add value to your product by improving the way it shipped, delivered and some cases, returned.

  Box Closure/Return Strips
Pre-cut closure strips are a quick and simple solution for sealing boxes, bags, and envelopes as well as repairing, patching, and sealing torn packaging. An easy solution to supply to customers for simple, secure, and re-sellable e-commerce returns.
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  Box Sealing
Converted box sealing tapes can be printed, perforated, or sized to desired specifications.
  Carry Handles
Add a durable handle to any box or bag to make it easier to transport.
Printed tamper evident tapes easily identify boxes that have been opened with security prints or leave behind messaging on the cartons.
Identify your inventory or add handling instructions to outbound shipments.
  Label Protection
Add a clear, protective layer to your labels to make them more durable and last longer.
  Mailing Closures
Adhesive backed film circles can be printed, come in any size, and act as a closure on boxes, literature, food products, cosmetics and more.
Secure products and packaging with tapes that bundle and hold components in place.