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TapeCase is uniquely positioned to help design and produce gaskets for OEMs. We can create a variety of gasket shapes, sizes, densities, and thicknesses using a wide range of materials. Our production efficiency combined with cutting-edge technology and engineering experience help OEMs with the gasket that they need to achieve product performance goals.

Types of Gaskets

  • Adhesive-backed gaskets
  • Rubber gaskets
  • Silicone gaskets
  • Foam gaskets
  • Vibration-dampening gaskets
  • Sealing gaskets
  • High-temperature gaskets
  • Open-cell sponge rubber gaskets


Our Services

We help clients achieve their ultimate product and business goals by bringing our experience and expertise to every stage of the product development cycle. Specifically, we help clients with:

Designs and Development

Engineers and purchasing managers often know what they need from a function standpoint, but don’t necessarily know the materials best suited for a specific application. That’s when design development and engineering is critical for minimizing project timelines. We help our clients work through design and engineering challenges and use our expertise to select the best possible materials at the best price.

Rapid Prototyping

Speed is our priority. We stock over 1000 products and can produce a prototype within 24-48 hours of taking an order. That kind of speed and efficiency helps reduce project timelines so you can come in under budget and on schedule.

Reverse Engineering

For OEMs that don’t know the exact specifications, we can reverse engineer products to achieve optimal performance goals. We will perform a detailed analysis of your gasket composition and construction to recreate parts while adding value to your operation.

With TapeCase’s gasket capabilities, we can support a wide variety of products across countless industries in need of a knowledgeable and experienced tape converter.

Tape Converting to Your Specification

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