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Electronic Manufacturing

Are you bonding high temperature that need silicone or shielding? Is thermal runaway an issue? Are you soldering PCBs and do you need a custom shape and/or layered product for the entire PCB? Do you need optically clear adhesive, acoustic mesh gaskets, environmental sealing gaskets, electrically conductive adhesives, thermal management, and venting solutions? We have various materials for these different applications.

Whether your project requires advanced engineering or simple cut to size shapes, we have a solution for you. From prototyping all the way to production, TapeCase engineers can help identify the correct material and offer design support with dimensions and geometry through consultation. We will work with your team to fully understand the scope, challenges, and timeline of the project to set everyone up for success.


Bond Flexible Circuit using
3M 9731 Acrylic/ Silicone

3M 8805 Thermally Conductive
(Bottom of Heat Sink)

3M 5413 Polyimide Masking
for soldering

3M Intumescent Fire Barrier

3M Thin Bonding VHB Tapes

3M Water Indicator Tape
to detect liquid inside electronics

Acoustic Vents for
superior sound quality

Porex porous materials
repel dust, water, sweats, oils, and other liquids from entering enclosure