Converting Tapes

TapeCase is Distribution’s 3M Preferred Converter for low minimums of 3M tapes, labels, and abrasives in countless roll sizes, cut part configurations, prints, and belt sizes at wholesale prices without an inventory commitment. We slit, rewind, diecut, laminate, and perforate tapes to create on - standard sizes to increase ease of application and performance. Our catalog includes over 30,000 STOCK 3M converted tape SKUS available to distribution with a minimum order of ONE. We ship stocked product quickly and can quote custom production runs as well.

Zünd Digital Plotter

Working Area 52”X63”
Max Cut Depth: 1.97”
Ultrasonic Welding Tool to Seal
Edges of Reflective Safety Tape

Delta Modtech Crusader

Registered Cut Tolerance: +/_0.002 inch
Print Date & Lot Code
Rewind Differential Shaft
Rewind 1.5” Core

Preco Flatbed Die Cutter

Web Width: 12”-42“
Registration Capability
Up to ±0.001 inch
Depth-of-Cut Tolerance:
± 0.0005 inch

Universal Laser Systems

Cutting & Engraving
Laser Processing Area: 24” x 18“
Maximum Part Size:
W: 29” H: 23” D: 9”

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Converting Capabilities

Digital Plotter Cutting, Rotary Die Cutting, Flatbed Die Cutting, Laser Cutting, Sheeting, Rewinding/Slitting, Printing

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Fabrication Capabilities

Gasket Production, Island Placement, Multi-Substrate Laminating, Pull Tabs, Extended Tape Liners, Crack & Peel Liners, Perforating