About TapeCase: Mission and Values


At TapeCase, we design, convert, manufacture and distribute highly engineered adhesive tape products adding value to the many products that we sell.

TapeCase is devoted to continual improvement; striving for excellence through a measurement of value. Our ISO commitment is an acknowledgement to this goal.

We strive to add to human progress by mastering machines and particular aspects of technology by a systematic program of training and learning sessions.

Our goal is to help our customers achieve market share by offering superior products and services through our commitment to:

  • Hire only highly qualified people and developing them as professionals
  • Use improved systems to aid the development of technology and product.
  • Understanding our customer's needs and expectations.
  • To meet and exceed our customer's expectations.
  • Supplying our customers with superior products.
  • Providing customized solutions and reply quickly to their unique applications.
  • Making prudent business decisions based on facts.


As Individuals:

  • We strive to achieve personal excellence; work as a team; communicate openly; honestly and with integrity.
  • We are dedicated to the concept of continual improvement in everything we do.
  • We expect ourselves, and those around us, to adhere to high standards of ethical and moral performance that demand our best effort.

As employees:

  • We aim to speak and behave with dignity; treat every person with respect; maintain a safe and clean workplace; and be technologically current.
  • We welcome disagreement in an effort to be better.
  • We know that we represent corporate values. 
  • We will respond creatively to customer's requests and society's fast changing needs.

As responsible corporate employer:

  • We obey all laws and regulations.
  • We at TapeCase understand that our success will be determined not just by how hard we work but how well we treat our customers. If we always strive to exceed the customer's expectations then we will have succeeded.
  • We concentrate on developing a strategy and marketing plan that uses all of our strengths and anticipates the market's need. If we concentrate on doing what we do best then our achievement of sales goals can be achieved.
  • It is our long term goal not just to maximize money but develop a business model that employs quality people, have high expectations from them and anticipate our customer's needs easily so we can be prepared to meet the market's need.
  • We know that we are winning when we are regarded by our suppliers as a valued partner who in turn takes their product, adds value to same and expertly markets those finished goods to customers whose purchase has been an enjoyable buying experience.
  • We strive to avoid injuries reduce waste and promote educational resourcefulness.
  • Provide health insurance to all employees.
  • All employees have access to a 401K program.

All employees are aware and given a copy of our company policy.