3M 9172MP Double Linered Adhesive Transfer Tape

  • 2.3 mil (0.06mm) Thickness
  • 200 MP Acrylic adhesive
  • Tan 58# PCK liner  4.2 mil (0.10 mm) / No print liner 3 mil (0.07 mm)

2.3 mil 200MP high performance acrylic adhesive on double liner of 4.2 mil 58 lb polycoated kraft paper and 2.0 mil high density polyethylene. Use for laminating plastics and bonding nameplates. Excellent die-cut and process capabilities. Clear film liner enables inspection of backlit graphics. Use for selective die-cutting. 3M adhesive Transfer Tape are rolls of pressure sensative adhesive pre-applied to a special release liner.

Product Benefits:
  • Excellent performance in high temperatures
  • Performs well in humidity and hot/cold cycles
  • Can withstand splashes of organic solvents, weak acids and bases and salt water, cleaning solutions, germicidals, disinfectants, oils, etc.

Applications Used For:
  • Bonding medical plates for aerospace, medical, and industrial equipment, automotive, appliance and electronics market
  • High speed processing of parts in the medical, telecommunications and electronics market
  • Lamination to industrial foams for rotary die-cutting of small gaskets for industrial and electronics markets

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Tape Thickness w/o liner mils (mm)2.3 mil (.06mm)
Liner Type83# HDPE/58# PCK
Temperature Resistance: Minutes to Hours °F (°C)400°F (204°C)
Temperature Resistance: Days to Weeks °F (°C)300°F (149°C)
Solvent ResistanceHigh
Relative Adhesion HSEHigh
Relative Adhesion LSELow
Restocking fee60% restocking fee